Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance to protect your belongings and liability.

Renters Insurance

Many people don’t know how important tenant insurance is. In fact, many renters believe that just because their landlord has insurance, then they are covered. This isn’t true! Your landlord’s insurance only covers their own property, but you need renters insurance to protect your own belongings and liability.

BrokerTeam Insurance is here to help. Getting renter insurance is an easy process. The yearly premium isn’t a lot, but it gives you the necessary protection. Some other benefits of getting tenants insurance:

  • Helps build insurance history
  • Protects you from liability in case you caused damage to the unit or your neighbour
  • Could be used to get a multi-line discount with auto insurance

Chat with a BrokerTeam Insurance broker today. We can help you find the right policy for your renting situation.

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